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What Teen Clients Are Saying:

“I never liked any of the therapists my parents took me to, but Michael was different. He always listened to me and helped me see the good things about me.”

“When my mom said my therapist would be a guy, I said okay. The therapists I worked with before were women and they didn't get what I was talking about. I like talking about sports and movies with Michael.  He helped me see why I was so angry and what I could do  instead of getting in fights.”

“Michael is cool!  I liked the games we played together, especially putting contests and throwing business cards into the garbage can.  He helped me find ways to do my homework and do better on tests.”

“Michael helped me talk to my parents. He understood me and why I was so frustrated with them.”


What Their Parents Are Saying:

“From  the moment I met Michael, I knew my son would like him. He was easy to talk to, I could tell he was knowledgeable with sports, which was important to my son, and he made me feel at ease.”

“Michael did wonders for my son.  Prior to him seeing Michael, he was getting C’s and D’s in school.  Soon after, he brought his grades up to B’s and A’s.  My son would hardly talk to me or my husband and spent most of his time up in his room.  Through talk to Michael, he now spends a lot more time with our family and shares more with us.  Thanks Michael!”

“After only a few sessions, I noticed a big difference in my son.  He was more confident, assertive and stood up for himself  more at school.  I can not thank Michael enough.  We call him Miracle Mike.”


What Couples Clients Are Saying:

“Thanks to Michael, my husband and I finally are listening more to each other and trying to see each other’s side.  Michael also helped us see how our past relationships with our parents are playing out in our relationship.  Michael was a huge help!”

“Before seeing Michael, my husband would hardly share anything with me.  Michael helped me see what I was doing that contributed to that.  He also helped my husband address his issues of trust.  He helped him see where his trust issues came from and some of the stories my husband shared about his childhood, I never heard.  We have been married for 37 years.”

What Individual Adult Clients Are Saying:

"I have deepened and strengthened my relationship with my fiancé, and I believe we have increased our ability to live a happy life together. I have achieved greater clarity in my goals and dreams, both professional and personal, and in so doing have also achieved greater clarity in identifying real paths to achieve those goals and dreams."

"During this past year, I remember a lot of tense topics that came to light simply because you were willing to share some of your own life experiences and challenges. The fact that you were willing to open up and humanize a lot of the situations did a lot to put me at ease with sharing my experiences as well as realize that I am not alone in my struggles and mistakes."

"Fundamentally, what makes Michael different from anything else that I’ve tried is that he doesn’t attempt to sell you his solutions. He has a high degree of natural mastery when it comes to bringing out the best in me through the power of intimate and honest conversation. Consequently, I’m empowered to come up with my own answers and this leads to lasting, sustainable satisfaction."

"Having someone encourage me as I strive to reach my goals has been very helpful. Sometimes I feel Michael is the only one pulling for me, and that includes myself! Michael has helped me to celebrate my successes and live more in the moment rather than always in the future."

"I want to thank you for the time we spent together in our coaching relationship. There’s no doubt that I’ve seen a dramatic improvement in the quality of my life. Our coaching brought to my eyes what might have otherwise gone unseen indefinitely. I discovered habits I didn’t realize I had and I said things that I never thought I would say. You assisted me in coming front and center with some serious realities that govern my everyday life."

"Michael’s constant inquiry about what I wanted was pivotal in my discovering that what I wanted was not what I was doing. I’ve now learned how to look at the “what” more than the “how” ­ and have come to understand first hand that magic will happen when I start speaking and focusing on the what. In particular, I realized that I wanted to stay at home, do more creative work, be the artist that I longed to be, help my husband build his business, and lead a freer life." 

"Before I began working with Michael, I knew things had to change, but didn‘t know how to get there or get started. Through working with him this past year, I have been able to consistently reach my goals and sculpt the type of life that I’ve always wanted to live. I am deeply indebted to him for his encouragement and accountability."

Michael L. Stoller