Life Coaching has emerged as a powerful mechanism for helping people realize their personal and professional goals. It differs from therapy in that the work is mainly focused on addressing present circumstances and feelings to impact the future. Life coaching is a highly effective tool for clients who are generally happy with their lives, but want something more—more intimacy with a spouse, more financial responsibility, a better family relationship, career advancement.

My approach to individual life coaching is to be a sounding board and guide, helping clients move past what stops them from achieving their goals. I bring more than ten years of experience to each session, allowing my clients the freedom to get to their truth and say it out loud, without the fear of being judged or criticized.

In couples coaching, I work to create a safe environment to foster open, honest communication. My style includes specific tools catered to couples that assist with conflict resolution, ongoing communication and helping each partner maintain a sense of themselves.

I also provide executive coaching to professionals and organizations to develop tangible goals and realistic action plans, as well as training programs to increase productivity, create effective teams and encourage communication.

Michael L. Stoller